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Front Side Solutions

Front Side Solutions is an Audio/Video solutions company. We provide Design and Engineering services, Control system and Software Programming services and Technology Consulting.

The concept behind Front Side Solutions is simple:

Get as much of the "trouble" out of the system in the design phase, or on the Front Side of a project, where design time has already been figured into the overall cost, versus on the back side of a project where fixing the trouble can seem to go on forever and so do costs of completion...

We combine our collective experience in programming audio/video control systems and software with solid system design that is intended from the start to ensure that the hardware will support both the programming requirements and system design parameters; AND meet all end-user expectations. With this type of approach, the engineering of the system becomes integral to the programming thus providing a more solid foundation to build your systems on.

Regardless of the size and staffing of your company, talk with us; we may just have some solutions for you.